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April is National Youth Sports Safety Month!

Concussions, shin splints, torn ACLs, ankle sprains … there are many different injuries that can sideline the young athlete. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, approximately 30 million children and teens participate in some kind of organized sports in the U.S. and, as a result, more than 3.5 million injuries occur each year. With sports involvement […]

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Happy National Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day

Friday, March 29 is National Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day. So, there’s never been a better opportunity to tell you about our origin story here at Southshore Physical Therapy. First opening its doors in June 2003, Southshore was originally located at 3000 Severn Avenue in Metairie. In those early days, house calls were also […]

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Happy Leap Day, Everyone!

This special day comes around only once every four years. It’s like the Olympics, the World Cup or (insert collective sigh) the presidential election. So, we have a unique opportunity to observe this quadrennial celebration by making a difference in our lives over the next 48 months. How, you ask? Read on … and Happy […]

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Happy National Peanut Butter Day, PB Lovers!

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! According to Spoon University, a food site for the next generation, the average American consumes 22 tablespoons of peanut butter (that’s almost a cup and a half) per person per year whereas the average European consumes only one tablespoon per person per year. Long live the U.S.A, am I right? Peanut […]

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2024 New Year’s Resolutions – in One Word

Breathe, renew, balance … there are so many meaningful terms that can represent your 2024 New Year’s resolutions in one word. According to a recent article on about our upcoming resolutions, the most common promises we’re making to ourselves for the new year all have to do with finances, health and time management. Want […]

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Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

It’s the season of gratitude … and giving … and good will toward all.  Last year, we took a moment to tell you about who and what we’re thankful for. This year, we wanted to share a few ways we like to show our appreciation. So, don’t forget to say thank you. Stop whatever it […]

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Hello, Gourd-geous: The Many Health Benefits of the Pumpkin

Did you know that the world’s heaviest pumpkin broke the record on October 9, 2023 to clock in at 2,749 pounds? That’s bigger than an American bison, two grand pianos or even a Toyota Prius! But that’s not the only fun fact you’re going to learn about this glorious gourd today. The month of October […]

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Tip for Preventing a Fall and Standing Tall

You can fall short. You can fall off the radar. You can even fall into the wrong hands. But one thing you should never do is fall in your kitchen … or your bathroom … or well, you get the idea, right? According to the Center for Disease Control, “falls are the leading cause of injury for adults 65 years and older. Over 14 […]

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Sleep is the Best Medicine. No, Really …

Years ago, I remember sitting in English class studying the works of renown poet Robert Frost who famously wrote “… but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Beautiful words … yes, but not really the best advice for a long, healthy life. Sometimes, sleep really is the best medicine, and […]

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Happy National Avocado Day! 🥑

Here at Southshore, we’re all about celebrating deliciously healthy food choices. And Monday, July 31 is no exception. Happy National Avocado Day, everyone! Today we commemorate the flavorful fruit (yes, I said fruit) also known as the alligator pear because of its coarse texture and dark green color. Used in everything from appetizers and smoothies […]

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