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It’s the season of gratitude … and giving … and good will toward all.  Last year, we took a moment to tell you about who and what we’re thankful for. This year, we wanted to share a few ways we like to show our appreciation. So, don’t forget to say thank you. Stop whatever it is that you’re doing to count your blessings. There are just so many ways to do it.

Leave a generous tip.  Our restaurant servers, hair stylists, baristas, bartenders, Uber drivers and food delivery people all make life easier for us every day. And these service personnel are often some of the hardest workers out there. Take a minute to pad your gratuity to exceed the standard rate. You could also consider rewarding someone who isn’t expecting it, such as your housekeeper or gardener. Bonus points for doing it in cash.

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Spend quality time with someone. There are so many people in the world who need companionship and don’t get enough of it. Reach out to an elderly family member, a lonely neighbor, a friend going through a hard time or even a stranger who looks like they just want a little company and take some time to visit. Bonus points for listening more than you talk.

Put it in writing. With the world moving entirely to electronic communication, the act of letter writing is a dying art. Take a minute to get out a pen and some of your best stationery and express how much you appreciate something someone did for you. Or maybe just thank them for being in your life. Bonus points for putting it in a stamped envelope and sending it through the mail.

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Shine the spotlight on a co-worker. Did someone help you when you were trying to meet a deadline? See you were in the weeds and jumped in to lend a hand? Cover for you when you needed to step away from your position for a moment? Take time not only to say thank you to that person but also to let the boss know all about it. Bonus points for telling your employer privately so your co-worker doesn’t know about your good deed.

Make dinner for a friend. Is there someone in your life who went over and beyond the call of duty to watch your kids for you after school? Care for your pets while you were out of town? Drop you off and pick you up from the airport? Find out their favorite dinner and bring it to them to enjoy. Bonus points for having them over for the meal so they don’t have to do any dishes.

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Just say thank you! People are always rushing around so much that common manners often take a back seat to our busy schedules. When someone opens a door for you, holds the elevator, helps you pick up the papers you dropped, gives you a hand when you’re carrying too much, offers you their chair or even just pays you a compliment, open your mouth and thank them wholeheartedly. Bonus points for looking them in the eye and smiling when you say it.

Happy Thanksgiving from Southshore Physical Therapy. Don’t forget to say thank you this holiday season and all year round!

Michele Robert Poche