Breathe, renew, balance … there are so many meaningful terms that can represent your 2024 New Year’s resolutions in one word. According to a recent article on about our upcoming resolutions, the most common promises we’re making to ourselves for the new year all have to do with finances, health and time management. Want some ideas for self-improvement for the coming year? See the acrostic below.

Southshore Physical Therapy, Metairie Louisiana, 2024 New Years Resolutions in one word acrostic

For the past three years, Lee has challenged the staff at Southshore Physical Therapy to sum up its individual resolutions in one single word. (It’s much harder than it sounds!). And to keep us all on task for the year, we literally brand our words onto a reminder bracelet created by the innovative people at Check out our plans for 2024.

Oh, and Haaaappppyyyy Neeeewwww Yeeeeaaaarrrr!!!

What about you? Can you sum up your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions in One Word?

Michele Robert Poche

Designed by Vivien L. Poche