Increased productivity, in-house camaraderie, contented customers … there are many benefits to a happy workplace. On average, we spend a third of most days at work. Shouldn’t we make that substantial piece of the pie as delicious as possible? January 28 is National Have Fun at Work Day. Does your office need a tune-up in the merrymaking department? Here are just a few ways that we at Southshore Physical Therapy like to bring fun and games to work every day.

Celebrate everything. Jessica’s birthday? Margaret’s work anniversary? Conner’s graduation? We even celebrated southpaws with International Lefthanders Day. Keep your own calendar or check the National Day Calendar for ideas. (Don’t miss the chance to celebrate a special day devoted to Cheese, Bubble Wrap Appreciation or Talking Like a Pirate. Argh!)

Break bread together. Whenever possible, we like to sit down to lunch as a group. It’s a great time to talk and laugh about the morning and plan for the afternoon. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know each other in a casual setting. And if you bring something that can be shared at the lunch table, you’re basically king for a day around here. (Right, Caleb?)

Decorate. There aren’t many occasions that go by unnoticed by our crew. We love bedecking and beautifying the clinic to welcome Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Oh, and Christmas? Well, it usually looks like the North Pole relocated to the clinic every December. Eleven months ‘til we do it all again! (Yes. I’m Buddy the Elf.)

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Dress to de-stress. Holiday colors, Christmas Eve pajamas, “inside jokes” for April Fool’s Day, supporting the local teams for game day and, of course, Halloween. We use any excuse to dress up at Southshore. Does anyone remember when Lee and Emily came in dressed as each other? (Yes, a wig was involved. And there are pictures to prove it!)

Friendly competition. Who will maintain their daily water consumption for the most consecutive days? Who will complete the 24 hour fast with the least amount of complaining? Who will win the Southshore Olympics? Sure, it’s usually just for bragging rights, but who among us doesn’t like winning? (I’m still giggling over Maddie as the “power lifting Olympian” on Tik Tok.)

Crank up the tunes. Does the right music strike a chord with you? We want you to be fit as a fiddle so we pump up the jam to get you moving. (Don’t be surprised if Phoebe starts a spontaneous kick line and Marissa breaks out in song.) Feel free to chime in with your favorite track. From Sinatra to Shakira … we’re always drumming up requests! (And our Dad jokes are never in short supply.)

The crew who TikToks together rocks together. It’s no secret. We love social media … Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and especially TikTok. If you’re on any of these platforms, you’ve probably already seen us lip-synching,dancing and generally acting a fool. If you’re not careful, we might just rope you into our next video. (Admit it. You low key want to flex making it to someone’s For You Page.)

Here at Southshore Physical Therapy, we take NOT taking ourselves seriously VERY seriously.

I mean, we went axe throwing for Christmas so …

Michele Robert Poche