As a physical therapist, I am often asked the following questions.

  • I have pain in my back/neck/shoulder/knee. Can physical therapy help me?
  • Can I have physical therapy if I had surgery?
  • Can I have physical therapy if I haven’t had surgery?

The answers are yes … yes … and yes!

Physical therapy exists for the purpose of helping people move and feel better. It often serves as a much more cost-effective first line of treatment and alternative to more invasive surgical procedures. Scientifically based to promote restoration and maintenance of optimal physical function, this specialized therapy can address musculoskeletal pain, injuries, illnesses and degenerative disorders.

Physical Therapists are the experts in helping you determine the small adjustments needed to heal your aches and pains or recover from a major injury or surgery. We can get you walking or, when applicable, running again. We can get you back to the field, court, gym or wherever you like to be active. We can even help you keep up with your children or grandchildren. As highly trained professionals with doctorate degrees, physical therapists are trained to screen for conditions that would require additional medical attention and can refer you to the appropriate health care professional when necessary. 

What is the process or how does it work?

  • You will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist who will take a complete health history to learn more about your problems and goals for treatment.
  • You and your therapist with come up with a game plan together and your rehabilitation program will begin under the direction of our trained professionals.
  • You will be given a home exercise plan to help you achieve your long-term recovery goals.

 We know you have other things on your schedule besides physical therapy. Therefore, we make it our number one goal to keep you moving and, most of all, keep you motivated. Our energetic team members are waiting to get to know you, help you through your recovery program and answer any questions you may have along the way.

We accept a very broad slate of insurance plans at Southshore Physical Therapy. Even better, Louisiana is a direct access state, which means you do not need a doctor’s referral to begin a physical therapy program. Give us a call at (504) 885-8969 or request an appointment through our website today.

by Lee Couret