September 8, 2021 … It’s the day we can finally re-open the doors at Southshore Physical Therapy following one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the U.S. mainland. But that’s not all! How fitting it is that today is also …


Physical therapists literally and figuratively help us to stand on our own two feet when we fall. They build us up and get us moving following trauma or age-related impairment. They support us through recovery to regain our mobility after surgical procedures. They can even help us avoid having to undergo surgery at all. 

Speaking as a former patient of Southshore Physical Therapy, I for one am thrilled that my life’s path directed me to Southshore Physical Therapy when I needed it most. Lee and his talented crew (of which I am now a proud member!) are just what I needed to get me going again.

Take a look at your Southshore team in action. 

Michele Robert Poche