Injury, surgery, degeneration, general wear and tear … there are many different reasons patients walk through our doors at Southshore Physical Therapy. But one thing is invariably the same.

Patients who are consistent with their physical therapy will always see the greatest results. 

When you’re here at the clinic, our technicians are poised and at-the-ready to help motivate and guide you through your exercises. When you’re not here, you have your customized Southshore Physical Therapy home exercise program to keep you moving.

In the comfort of our homes, we’re all pretty good about immobilizing an injured body part to apply ice or heat. It’s easily accomplished while enjoying a family meal, a good book or even the latest episode of The Bachelor. But what about mobilizing that injured body part with some exercises when you need to provide your own motivation?

Enter the Southshore Physical Therapy home exercise program.

An integral part of your plan of treatment with us, our home plans are created specifically with you in mind to help you reach your recovery goals. And bonus – your exercises won’t take more than about ten minutes a day and will typically use little or no items not commonly found in every home. 

We provide you with detailed instructions and pictures to help you learn the exercises and, whenever possible, we even provide you with the physical tools needed to execute them. Even better, as a Southshore patient, you are given a unique password to login to our REACH home exercise program online. Once there, you can access videos demonstrating the different stretches and maneuvers as well as communicate with us directly about any questions you may have to ensure that you are performing the exercises properly.

“Since you’ll only be spending two to three hours a week with your physical therapist, it is vital to the healing process that you carve out time to make your home exercise program part of your regular routine. Your independent efforts will help you build strength, regain function faster and prevent any recovery setbacks.”

Lee Couret, Licensed PT and Owner of Southshore Physical Therapy

We want to maximize your time with us and get you back on your feet (or your knees, elbows and shoulders, as it were) as quickly as possible. So, schedule your home exercises into your daily routine, set a reminder on your phone and be your own physical therapy coach. 

Homework. It’s not just for kids anymore. Right, Margaret?

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by Michele Robert Poche