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Our innovative programs are designed to improve physical function, manage pain and prevent future injury. Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation by our experienced therapists to identify the problem(s) and provide expert guidance for solutions in post-operative rehab, injuries, degenerative disorders and athletic performance training.

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For Athletes & Fitness

Our main objective is to help you perform at YOUR peak ability while also preventing injury through our specialized fitness classes. Whether you want to strengthen and condition your muscles to function like an athlete or simply to take your physical fitness to the next level, our SPT coaches are ready to customize a fun, accessible program that meets your individual needs. We work with grade school, high school, college and even professional athletes as well as anyone interested in improving his or her overall health and well-being. Expect only the best from our exceptional team!

  • Clear Explanations with All Questions Answered
  • Individual Attention (child-friendly)
  • Trained Coaches

  • Measurable Results
  • Convenient Location & Hours
  • Flexible Payment Options

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Fun. Motivating. Caring. 

You’ll want to come back again and again to visit us. At Southshore, we hire and mentor team members with care because we understand how important it is to cultivate a positive environment that supports healing. Meet the friendly faces of Southshore – physical therapy experts who understand the importance of a fun workout!

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Southshore physical therapy‘s happy team of physical therapists, assistance, technicians and management in Metairie, LA