The Southshore Difference


The team at Southshore has a relentless commitment to making the whole process both effective and fun.

We also take special pride in empowering you through education. You will be taken step-by-step through the rehabilitation process so that you have a thorough understanding of your current injury or surgery. We will lay out how each aspect of of treatment is tailored to help you meet your specific needs and goals.

Whether the goal is to return to work, ballet, the pitching mound, the golf course, or just to be able to play with your children and grandchildren, Southshore will get you back to where you want to be.

Here Are 5 Reasons To Choose Southshore

At Southshore Physical Therapy, our team is made up of conscientious, dedicated therapists and staff who pride themselves in providing individual, focused attention. We take the time to weave personalized treatment and revolve our care around our patients’ personal goals. This is the cornerstone of the Southshore Physical Therapy difference, and, we do this better than anyone.

Our total commitment and successful physical therapy outcomes make it easy for leading orthopedic surgeons and physicians to regularly refer their patients and their very own family members to Southshore.

Southshore is the physical therapy provider of choice for many colleges, universities, high school athletes, and coaches. In fact, Southshore owner Lee Couret, has served as the physical therapist for the University of New Orleans Privateers and many local area high school athletes.

Our physical therapists don’t split their time across multiple locations which helps us better serve our patients by providing a consistent therapist for each and every visit.  – and ultimately, continuous and consistent care.

Many doctors want physical therapy to start right away. Today, even! Most clinics have a long waiting list. Not at Southshore! Same day or next day appointments are the norm. It’s a little know fact that you can choose where you go for physical therapy. Tell your doctor you want to the best, and, to start right away with Southshore Physical Therapy.

Results Matter. But Satisfaction Rules!

In the healthcare world, how good you are is based on two things:  Functional Outcomes and satisfaction.

Over the past 6 years, Southshore has participated in a national data collection measure performed by Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO). The goal of the measurement was to objectively measure our results (or outcomes) with other physical therapy clinics both locally and nationally. This gives us (and you) the ability to objectively evaluate our treatment process and, most importantly, our patients’ level of satisfaction.

Patient Satisfaction

The FOTO Patient Satisfaction Survey is given to our patients on their last physical therapy treatment.  It asks “For your current rehabilitation treatment, how satisfied were you with:” (see the following area below) and asks the patient to grade us on the following scale – Very Dissatisfied; Somewhat Dissatisfied; Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied; Somewhat Satisfied and Very Satisfied.

Our results? See for yourself:

  • Overall Satisfaction - 99.1%99%

  • Information about my condition - 99.3%99%

  • Input in setting goals - 99.3%99%

  • Availability of convenient appointments - 99.0%99%

  • Access to this facility location - 99.2%99%

  • Level of courtesy and respect - 99.7%99%

  • Treatments for my condition - 99.5%99%

  • Overall results of treatment - 99.3%99%

  • I would tell a friend I was satisfied - 99.6%99%

*The FOTO National average for Overall Satisfaction is 97.5%.